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Daredevil Brewing Co

1151 N Main St, Speedway, IN, 46224
(317) 210-0176

About Us

Daredevil Brewing is a production brewery located in the Speedway neighborhood of Indianapolis. We started the brewery with one year-round beer, Lift Off IPA, which quickly grew to become one of the best-selling craft beers across Indiana.

While we are most known for our flagship Lift Off IPA we also have one of the most diverse German-style lager programs in the United States as we have a huge passion for traditional German-style lagers.

We will offer our year-round beers on this site for out of state shipments and check regularly for limited-release beers.

This site is only for out of state shipments. Orders are processed and shipped out once a week. We can only ship to states that allow direct brewery shipments to consumers. That is currently: AK, CT, DC, FL, KY, NE, NY, and PA.

We use Whale Pod Premium shipping boxes that hold 12 and 16 count of cans. Order as much as you like but we will break orders up into 12 or 16 cans per box and shipping is paid on a per box basis with UPS